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Construction Claims - How to Prepare and Avoid Claims

Construction claims are an integral part of most construction projects. Virtually all projects have a claim arise between the contract parties. Therefore, preparing and reviewing claims is a very important and critical task of a competent contract administrator.

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Contractor's Extension of Time - FIDIC Red Book 99 - Clause 8

It is inevitable that a Contractor will suffer delays while executing and completing the Works, and more often than not, finish the Works after the Time for Completion.

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FIDIC Redbook 99 - Clauses Cross-References

Drafting particular conditions for a FIDIC contract is a daunting task. Many times, a seemingly minor change can trigger a domino effect of changes in other Sub-Clauses.

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Revealed - 9 Reasons Why Recruiters Hate Your CV

A recruiter could either make or break your hunt for your dream job. HR personnel regularly deal with hundreds of CVs and resumes, and while a killer CV could land your an interview quickly, a weak CV, loaded with a bunch of common errors, would easily get your resume in the discarded pile.

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