Contractor's Obligations under FIDIC Red Book 99

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April 7, 2019 | 1 min read

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The FIDIC Conditions of Contract "Red Book 99" places a lot of obligations and responsibilities on the Contractor in performing the Works under the Contract.

To ensure that the Contractor is performing his obligations, the Contract allows the Engineer to terminate the Contract if the Contractor is failing/failed to perform his obligations under the Contract (Clause 15). Furthermore, it allows the Engineer to withhold payments of unperformed obligations until they are fulfilled (Clause 14).

It is therefore very important for Contractors, Engineers and Employers alike to know the responsibilities and obligations of the Contractor under the General Conditions of FIDIC Red Book 99. Here is a list of the major obligations of the Contractors under the General Conditions of FIDIC Red Book 99.

It is worthy to highlight that these conditions can be easily amended in the Particular conditions, and thus may be changed. Moreover, this list is a summary of the major obligations which may be used to withhold payment or send a Notice to Correct and is not a ultimately exhaustive list of such obligations.

This list is intended to be used as a reference to the Sub-Clauses that provisions such obligations to the Contractor, and shall not be used as a guide to the exact wording of the Contract.

Download link:

Summary of Major Contractor's Obligations Under FIDIC Red Book 99 (pdf)

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