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FIDIC Redbook 99 - Clauses Cross-References

Drafting particular conditions for a FIDIC contract is a daunting task. Many times, a seemingly minor change can trigger a domino effect of changes in other Sub-Clauses.

Having faced this scenario many times, I have compiled a list of clause cross-references which I believe shall be a handy tool for contract drafters, or just for information. This list is based upon FIDIC Redbook 1999. An interactive searchable table is now avaliable here (new).

I have excluded Clause 1 from the list since it is referred to in all other Clauses.

Please feel free to share the document, giving the sufficient credits to this website.

If you believe any cross-reference is missing, please leave a comment and I shall update the document accordingly.

Download the file from here (pdf at Google Drive).