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Manchester United: Falling Under Its Own Weight

Ahmed Mohamed Football
Sir Alex Ferguson, the most successful British manager

Eight games into the Premier League's season 2019/2020, the now typical favourites, current European champions Liverpool and current league champions Manchester City, hold the first two spots, with 24 and 16 points respectively. The other teams mounting a title challenge are Arsenal, Chelsea, and Leicester City. 

Deeper down the league table, lies the once mighty Manchester United in the 12th place, two points from the relegation zone, with only 9 points from 8 games, 15 points behind league leaders Liverpool, their worst ever league start in 30 years.

Football fans, particularly United's, are in denial and doesn't seem to accept and realize the sad state their club is in. They do not realize that Manchester United before 1986, when the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson took over, was full of issues as the current team. There is also a case that Man Utd are in a worse position now than when Fergie took over.

United Before Fergie

Man Utd's last title before SAF was in 1967, under Matt Busby. Over the 19 years until SAF's appointment, United was relegated once in 1974 and was instantly promoted the following year after a Division 2 triumph. They finish top 5 on 7 occasions, and 6th or worse 9 times. It then took SAF 7 years to deliver their next league title in 1993. 

The rest is history, pushing Liverpool off their f*cking perch, as SAF famously said. For 27 years, he'd create a successful footballing monster, that he controlled quite well.

Fast forward to 2013, SAF's resignment took United by the storm, after leaving United with a *very* well stuffed trophy cabinet. Instantly thereafter, that monster would start to crumble under its enormous weight.

During the past 6 years, all of SAF's work would be slowly undone, and the club is returning, or have already returned, to where it was before SAF's revolution. He left a title-winning but ageing team, with practically no successors to the old guard.

The fear factor of Man Utd's name has gone, along with their aura of invincibility, and they failed to mount a serious title challenge during these 6 years.

SAF's incredible control over United harmed the club after his departure, leaving the next string of managers failing to stabilize and control the crumbling giant. Moyes, van Gaal, Mourinho failed under the enormous expectations and currently the inexperienced, yet popular, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is failing too.

After SAF, the club has no clear vision or philosophy, often over-spending and over-paying average players, consistently losing out on Champions League football, and playing a very poor brand of football.

History Goes in Circles

As a Liverpool fan, am not obsessed with any team other than LFC. However, the current predicament of LFC's eternal rivals interests me, since the tables have turned and current United's glorious demise is concurrent with Liverpool's rise to its f*cking perch once again.

The exact opposite of what happened to Liverpool during Man Utd's period of success.

At present Liverpool and Man City are currently the top teams in world football. They are favourites in any competition they compete in, ahead of other household names like Barca, Real, Juve, and Bayern.

For Liverpool, that was the case for long stretches in history, before our 20 years or so of mediocrity. As for Man City, they are writing their glorious history at present.

For neutrals, this demise of Man Utd is sad to witness. It would need another SAF or a Klopp or Pep to put an end to the misfortunes and manage a new revival. But as a Liverpool fan, I hope this misery may long continue.