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FIDIC Redbook 99 - Clauses Cross-References

Drafting particular conditions for a FIDIC contract is a daunting task. Many times, a seemingly minor change can trigger a domino effect of changes in other Sub-Clauses.

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Contractor's Entitlement to Additional Time or Cost Under FIDIC Red Book 99

As the FIDIC contracts allocates risks and obligations to the parties, it entitles the contractor to claim an extension of time or additional cost and/or profit for events or situations that aren't attributable to him.

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Free Download - Glossary of FIDIC terms

The FIDIC suite of contract templates is one of the most commonly used contracts in the construction industry around the world. Established in 1913, FIDIC stands for ?Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs - Conseils?, which is best translated from French as The International Federation of Consulting Engineers.

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