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Revealed - 9 Reasons Why Recruiters Hate Your CV

A recruiter could either make or break your hunt for your dream job. HR personnel regularly deal with hundreds of CVs and resumes, and while a killer CV could land your an interview quickly, a weak CV, loaded with a bunch of common errors, would easily get your resume in the discarded pile.

I spoke with Ms. Nada, a Senior Recruiter at a leading Consultancy firm about the common errors she hates to see in a CV, and she enlightened me with some really valuable 12 points to absolutely look for when writing your next CV and job application:

No Mention of Major or Graduation Year #

I am surprised this comes down as a common error. In the construction and project management fields, many jobs require a specific academic background, so not mentioning the major or the graduation year may portray that you are possibly weak or not suitably qualified in that respect.

Crazy Fonts #

Needless to say, just like outfits, fonts portray attitude. A font like Times New Roman or Arial in black or navy blue reflects professionalism and authority, which is suitable for a candidate applying in positions requiring more formality like Contract Engineers for instance.

Meanwhile, funky fonts like the infamous Comic Sans is too funky and childish. It could even worse if the font is in glowing colors or in bold.

Spelling Mitsakes Mistakes #

The bane of most CVs. Obvious, glaring spelling or grammar mistakes that could easily be fixed by simple proofreading or free tools like Grammarly, may convoy a negative careless impression about your work.

Previous Job Descriptions are Not Written #

Not all positions are the same at all companies. A contract administrator working for a contractor is a lot different from a contract administrator working for an engineer or as an employer's representative.

It is very important to describe the responsibilities and achievements at the previous roles, especially the ones relevant to the job you are applying for.

Dates of Employment Not Mentioned #

As the very frequent job hoppers raise some red flags to the recruiter, not mentioning the times spent at your previous employers will raise similar red flags.

Invalid Contact Number #

What could be worse than a recruiter trying to reach a prospective applicant to set up an interview, only to discover that their contact details are invalid?

Very Long CVs With More Than 3 Pages #

A CV does not need to contain every detail about your educational and professional life! A quick brief is sufficient, and leave the particular details to be discussed during the interview.

Plagiarism #

Copying templates like 'a dynamic individual looking to...' always look unnatural and different to your writing style, and the trained eye of the recruiter can detect such plagiarism.

CV Name #

How is a recruiter supposed to revisit your CV if it is named 'My CV'? Having hundreds and thousands of CVs, you should make it easy to reference by naming it something like [job title] - [your name].

That way, your CV is easily accessible, even in the future if the recruiter is looking for someone in their database.

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